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About Rata Industries Group

- The leaders in farming equipment

Company mission - To provide quality products, service and advice in a honest, trustworthy and disciplined manner.  Company values - Commitment, Ownership, Integrity, Excellence, Communication, Success, Education, Team Work, Balance, Enjoyment, Systems, Consistency.
We are a family owned and operated wholesale manufacturing company supplying selected retail agents.  
Rata Industries Group Ltd has been designing and manufacturing innovative and versatile front end loader and material handling attachments, plough and cultivation equipment to the most exacting standards in New Zealand.
Rata Industries of Winchester, Timaru has built its success on knowing what works best for New Zealand farmers. For over thirty years they have designed and manufactured tractor attachments that take much of the hard slog and drudgery out of farming, and giving every farmer the best partner for their machine, to suit every task from handling hay to ploughing paddocks.
Rata Industries started out making a range of front-end loader attachments buckets, grabs, forks and so on. It began in a small way - in a shed on family farm - but the equipment became so popular the business had to expand. In September 2012 Rata took over Paddon Direct and moved its operations to a larger, more efficient building located in Winchester, 15mins North of Timaru.  Rata Industries Group Ltd now has a huge manufacturing facility, service centre and spare parts warehouse that houses all brands including Rata, Vogal, Paddon, Sitrex and Willet. Quality unsurpassed service is our promise to farmers that necessitate for attachments and equipment that last the test of time.
Meeting the diverse needs of New Zealand farmers is a challenge, nevertheless Rata designs its machines to be altered and tailored to suit individual farmers particular specifications. The company aims to continue developing new attachments, ploughs, cultivators, drills, ridgers, spreaders and hay gear with innovative designs that keep up with the changes occurring in farming.  They back this up with superior service and readily available spare parts. Rata Industries commitment to the farming community is control and comfort by means of efficiency with precision so invest in "Rata" and work with peace of mind.


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