shear grab

Shear Grabs


Through the combinaton of the clean cut obtained from the unique serrated knife edge and rounded front design, the implement leaves a sealed pit face, eliminating secondary fermentation.  The side walls and closely spaced cranked tines minimise silage/maize loss during transport. 

  • High tensile steel
  • Robust frame
  • Powerful rams.

Conserving feed with a Rata Shear Grab.



Weight (kg)440480520790830
Capacity (m3)0.580.730.881.01.1
Number of tines910121517
Minimum HP80100120140160
  • Functional designs - Click here for more info
  • Forged spring steel - Click here for more info
  • High build coating - Click here for more info
  • Taper sleeve bush - Click here for more info

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