304 auto reset panerazer subsoiler

Auto Reset Panerazer


The 304 Auto Reset Panerazer has no equal when it comes to heavy working conditions and performance with high horse power tractors.

The double "V" frame design makes it easily adaptable from pasture to cropping applications.  The Auto reset makes operating seamless as when the leg hits an obstruction, it resets itself immediately.  The leaf springs have a great advantage over rams, not only do they involve less maintenance, but the tightness of the spring holds the legs deep in the soil.

The "V" frame design allows it to be pulled with 20% less HP than you would normally require. 



Working Width2.5m3.5m4.5m
Number of legs579
  • Correct placement of componentry
  • Massive strength throughout
  • High build coating
  • Value for money

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