Sitrex MX10 VEE Rake

Sitrex MX10 VEE Rake


The Sitrex MX10 VEE Rake is built to rake the heaviest of silage crops cleanly.  It will also effortlessly rake the bulkiest of hay and straw crops.  Standard telescopic arms allow for very easy set up and with extra long reel arms, the reels follow the ground even in the roughest conditions.  This also allows the reels to lift high enough to clear raked rows. 


Reels are lifted hydraulically.  This can be operated by a tractor, electric pump or hand pump.  Reel arm pivot and all the lifting shafts run in nylon bushes for a smooth and quiet operation.


Large 15" wheels and 2000kg hubs and stubs are standard with very efficient front wheel pivot brakes to stop wheel shimmy when transported at high speeds.  Also avaliable is an optional hydraulic folding and width control system which only needs one double acting circuit.

"Raking the heaviest of crops cleanly"

Working width (m)6.5
Row width (m)1-1.5
No. of reels10
Transport Width (m)2.6
Weight (kg)1050
Operating speed (km/h)20
  • Simple to operate
  • High build coating
  • Refined from customer feedback
  • Very easy set up

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