MAXI Fertiliser Spreader

Trailing, Bulk Fertiliser Spreader




Twin Disc Trailing Spreader

The MAXI fertiliser spreader have been designed for professionals, for the distribution of fertilisers on large areas of land. They are equipped with a tank having a high loading autonomy which guarantees a high level of daily working performance. The fertiliser spreader is of solid construction, allowing for speeds of up to 40 km/h.

The distribution unit is composed of two spreading discs with adjustable radial blades in stainless steel. The bottom of the hopper consists of a rubber conveyor belt which guarantees near to total uniformity in that the forward movement of the tractor is controlled by a volumetric wheel which hydraulically rests on the large wheel of the fertiliser spreader.

The large flotation tyres reduces pressure on the ground, even in particularly critical conditions.



ModelCapacityMax LoadWeightHopper width
  • Fertiliser spread pattern tested in New Zealand
  • In-House quality management
  • AVC Painting processes
  • Superior back up service

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