Agrex SDA - Fertiliser Spreader

Agrex SDA Vineyard and Orchard


Small Dimensions, Big Performance

The SDA fertiliser spreaders are compact and light and can be pulled by low-power tractors.  However, they have the same sturdiness and high precision as large agricultural machines.  One of their distinctive features is quality control through a setting gauge which guarantees accurate fertiliser distribution.  If necessary, it is possible to adjust the quantities being fed into the two spreading discs.  The side conveyors allow for localised spreading on row cultivation of 1.5 - 5m.  The deflectors are adjustable and enable the fertiliser to be discharged where it is needed, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. 

ModelCapacityMax LoadWeightHopper width

Optional Equipment-

PVC cover, Dual fertiliser discharge

  • In-House quality testing
  • AVC Painting processes
  • Superior back up service

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